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Beat Bunzo Bunny in this FNF mod

Poppy Funktime (DEMO) | VS Bunzo Bunny | FNF mod is a demo of a mod by richilix for the rhythm video game Friday Night Funkin'. This utility allows FNF players to play against Bunzo Bunny, a character from the horror game Poppy Playtime - Chapter 2. It features a new song and slightly different gameplay mechanics. 

Poppy Funktime (DEMO) | VS Bunzo Bunny is a sneak peek of the full mod. Developer richilix has stated the full release will add more characters and a new story. You can try out Vs. Sonic.Exe - Friday Night Funkin' Mod for a similar experience. 

For FNF and Poppy Playtime fans

Poppy Playtime is a popular single-player horror game by MOB Games. The game has mostly positive reviews, with many people enjoying its chase scenes and puzzles. It has various iconic characters, much like Five Nights At Freddy’s animatronics. The game’s second chapter featured the iconic characters Mommy Long Legs, who was added to FNF via the VS Mommy Long Legs mod, and Bunzo Bunny, who is featured in this mod. 

What makes this FNF mod different from others are the changes it makes to the gameplay mechanics. In the base game, players need to hit notes which are indicated by arrows that correspond to the left, right, up, and down keys. In this mod, however, the notes aren’t represented by arrows. Instead, they are color coded into four colors — cyan, pink, green, and red. 

Another difference from the base game is the absence of the HUD element, which shows how well the player is doing in the match. At first glance, the changes made by the mod don’t seem so drastic. The game remains a rhythm game, after all. However, shifting to color-coded notes can be too big of a change for FNF players, resulting in a much harder game to learn.

A tougher FNF

Poppy Funktime (DEMO) | VS Bunzo Bunny is an obvious service to fans of both FNF and Poppy Playtime. However, it makes a drastic change to gameplay mechanics that dials up the game’s difficulty to 11. Those who want to play this mod should expect a tough challenge. If you just want the same old FNF gameplay, try the other mods mentioned earlier.


  • New song
  • New challenge


  • New mechanics can be tedious to learn

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